My Day in Thailand #2019

Today I spent many hours working on the first two chapters of Book #6, tentatively titled Death of the Bad Seed. I love what I wrote. In the late afternoon I went to visit my Thai American Indian Artist Paradorn, who looks like a real Indian, with all his turquoise jewelry and long hair, but is all Thai. I approved of his Taylor Banks cover sketch.

I had dinner at the UK Pub with my old friend Rich Heart Wonder. Among other things we talked about the Ajna Light. I am actually a distributor for this amazing device which stimulates our Pineal Gland. If you want to know more about the Ajna Light click here:

The drawing is a sketch I did to give to my artist. After my years in Thailand I’ve found that it works out so much better when I give explicit detailed instructions of what I want. Speaking Thai is also helpful, although in this case my artist Paradorn speaks English.

The other photo was taken during an Ajna Light session in my home last year.

My day in Thailand 2017

This is my first blog post on my new website, Dated May 14, 2017, or in Thailand the year 2560. I recently purchased a new iPhone6, which has a great camera. My love of photography has been renewed, and from this day forward I will take more photo in and around Chiang Mai. Some might be of my home, or what I’ve created with my books. We’ll see.  I’ll begin with a photo I took last week from Chedi Wat in the city. A wat is a Buddhist temple.